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An abrasion-resistant leaf spring withou rivet
   The new unility created an abrasion-resistant leaf spring withou rivet including spring leaves, clip banding and supporting parts. The spring leaves are at least 2 layers or more. And the length is different. The clip banding is a rectangle frame, which installed on the external of spring leaves to band them. The supporting parts are installed at the edge of the leaves and extending to the external of the clip banding to supporting the leaf spring, and protect the clip from abrasion. This is a simple new unility, very convenient to install. It took the place of the old clip with rivet and improve the prevision of installation and abrasion-resistant.

A Golf electromobile leaf spring
   A Golf electromobile leaf spring, one single leaf, with S shape, the size is width 50mm, thickness 13mm, length 442mm. The material grade is SUP7. It has 2 punching holes which are 89mm distant to both ends. It was made by heating treatment. It is a parabolic single leaf, different from the traditional multiple-leaf and convensional spring. It meets to all the requests of intallation on the Golf electromobile. Compare to the EG2061 front, it is simpler and more comfortable.